10 janv. 2021

Exclusive Misticheskaya tube and Bella Caribena + Wallpaper

 Made this set with a beautiful exclusive tube of Misticheskaya called 'Romantic Rose". You can find this tube at Pics For Design HERE

I use a beautiful kit by Bella Caribena call "Angel of love" and you can find it at Dreaming with Bella Store 

Made matching wallpaper, just clic and save as.

Exclusive Kit and Tube + Wallpaper

 I had a play with a beautiful exclusive kit and tube for Creative Misfits forum HERE

 Deedles Dun It Kit made by Dee and tube by Queen Uriel

Made a matching wallpaper just clic and save as

20 déc. 2020

Winter Masks


Just click and save as (jpeg and png format)

19 déc. 2020

Happy Christmas tag +Wallpaper + Wordart

 Made this one with a lovely tube by Laguna called "Letter to Santa (Rat)",

you could find it at Picsfordesign HERE

Matching wallpaper in 1920x1080, just click and save

FTU Wordart

13 nov. 2020



In this tutorial, i use the "Steam Time" kit
by Bella Caribeña avaliable at 

The tube is "Steampunk 35" 
by Verymany
The tube can be purchase at

You will need mask 0083 by Vivienne

Font of choice

My shadow settings : 0,5,40,10

Open a new transparent canvas 800x800
Paste the mask, resize 85%, selection float, defloat, new raster layer, paste paper 3into selection.
Deselect, delete original black mask layer.
Paste SteamTime mask 2, resize 85%, position on the top left, duplicate, mirror,
position on the right down.

Add the next elements, resize, shadow and position each
Element 71, resize 60%
Element 76, resize 40%
Element 87, resize 30%
Element 86, resize 30%
Element 78, resize 30%
Element 8, resize 60%
Element 132, resize 20%
Element 173, resize 30%
Element 177, resize 30%
Element 158, resize 30%
Element 125, resize 50%
Element 102, resize  30%, rotate left 20°
Element 1, resize 40%
Element 13, resize 60%
Element 165, resize 30%
Element 59, resize 25%
Paste your tube, resize 30%
Element 6, resize 15%
Element 24, resize 50%
Element 42, resize 50% and erase a little the electric wire
Element 89, resize 5%
Element 61, resize 20%
Element 88, resize 11%
Element 134, resize 14%
Element 85, resize 16%
Element 205, resize 9%, position, duplicate and mirror
Element 99, resize 15%
Element 143, resize 15%
Element 167, resize 15%
Element 197, resize 30 %, rotate left 90°

Crop your tag, add name and copyright and save as png.

This tutorial was created by Creabie
Any resemblance with another tutorial or tag is purely coincidental

10 nov. 2020

 Tube Verymany called "Forest Elf 6" at Verymany store HERE and "Hello Fall" Kit by Bella Caribena at Dreaming With Bella store HERE

Matching wallpaper 1920x1080, just click and save

 Made this tag with beautiful Verymany tubes called " Christmas Angel 2" at Verymany store HERE and a lovely kit name "White Tiger" by Bella Caribena can be found HERE

Matching wallpaper in 1920x1080, just click and save

New tags and matching wallpapers 1920 x 1080

Made with beautiful tuts by Vivienne on her blog HERE and  do matching wallpapers

Just click and save on each one

6 juin 2020

New tags and matching wallpapers

New tags and matching wallpapers in 1920x1080.

First with beautiful Anna Liwanag tube HERE at CDO store

Just click and save

Second with a beautiful Verymany tube HERE at Verymany's store

Just click and save